Getting the best price for your small business

Selling your small business

Like beauty, value is in the eye of the beholder. Your business is worth what the highest bidder thinks it is worth – unless you can convince them otherwise. Consider what most buyers will be looking for.

Why it can pay to buy an existing business

Buying an existing business

If you’re looking impartially and unemotionally at the options ahead when starting your own business, you have to admit simply buying one already in operation is incredibly appealing.

Buying a business how much should you invest?

Investing in a business profit and loss

It can be easy for your heart to rule your head when you find a business you want to buy. However, if you don’t do thorough research before signing on the dotted line, you may regret it.

How to prime your business for a sale

business for a sale

This ‘Action Plan’ shows you how to develop a plan to increase the value of your business before you put it on the market so you can maximise the return on your investment.