Strategic Services

Whilst Quality Compliance Services are critical they define old style “ACCOUNTING” whereas Connolly & Associates are Chartered Accountants focused on Innovative strategic planning to maximise client goals – Business and personal.

Our strategic services

Your Success & Protection, Our Priority.

Day to day operational success is achieved via the result of long term strategic planning which in turn is understanding the dynamically changing business landscape and planning optimal utilization of limited resources to exploit opportunities and ward off problems.

Making Money

Making money is an obligation to your family, staff, suppliers and the community.

Advanced Taxation Services

be Planning what Entity to use and how to get profits out in our complex tax system

Continuous Business Improvements

Quantum leaps or miniscule improvement is critical to consider in today’s dynamically changing business landscape.

Management 101

Increase Income + Reduce Expenses = More profit.

Cash Flow Management

What is your profit and how much do you need to survive.

Expense Management

There are soft expenses and those that are critical to maximise your business performance.

Estate Planning

You spend your life managing you’re the affairs but what happens with the unexpected or even he expected.

Wealth Creation

Making money by the hour for your labour sucks, so how do set up your passive investments to make money whilst doing nothing or the things you love.

Optimising Team Empowerment

Leveraging your staff performance is the single most under utilized asset in your possession.


What’s your business worth and how do you maximise it?

Buying a Business

How do you find, checkout, value and negotiate a new business to potential invest in?

Selling Your Business

Maximising your business value is a process from valuation to dealing with potential buyers.

Succession Planning

A well considered Succession plan means your family will enjoy your legacy without conflict and in the manner you intended.

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