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Husband & wife team Tony Connolly and Nada Taylor collectively bring over 50 years of specialist experience to the practice and have built a highly experienced team around them to provide outstanding levels of technical services and client support.

Tony Connolly

Director & Chartered Accountant


Tony has an extreme passion for business success. He drives a clearer understanding of strategic reporting and planning principles to ensure clients succeed in their business and financial pursuits.

He is the grey hair you need in your business so you don’t have to lose yours with the stress being in business can create. He has ‘been there, done that,’ for the ever challenging issues in business. He provides his clients with solutions via collaboration of their vision, and strategic planning to ensure they reach their goals.

Nada Taylor

Director & Chartered Accountant


Nada has over 30 years of experience as an accountant. This experience spans across a broad range of industries such as hospitality, pubs, medical practitioners, engineering, retail and high wealth individuals. She specialises in advisory to family groups, SME’s and SMSF administration. 

She also shares in the Connolly & Associates passion for business success. She doesn’t sport the grey hair style Tony may have, but does offer the in depth experience to ensure your business and personal financial wellfare is protected.

Zac Oubid


Zac Oubid started at Connolly & Associates as a part time undergraduate student at UWA.

Zac is a Chartered Accountant, excelling in interpretation of tax legislation, IT development for SME’s and strategic planning in business management and fulfilment of personal goals.

His skills are focused around the complexity of tax and general business and working collaboratively with our team and clients.

Chris Thomas

Senior Accountant

Chris started at Connolly & Associates in early 2017 having moved from Wales in the UK, where Chris worked in the industry for over 6 years.

Chris’ client liaison style is hands on and steady, whilst enabling business owners to focus on their daily operations and business development.

He is Connolly’s in house fringe benefits tax expert, enjoys research of tax matters and is highly proficient with SME accounting software packages.

He is currently studying to become a Chartered Accountant.

Chris’s personal interest is cricket and the Sydney Swans (being the winners of the first AFL gane he saw when arriving in Australia)


Ark Sui

Client Services

Ark Sui is a graduate accountant and Super(fund) girl at Connolly Associates.

She is responsible for tax returns and SMSF work, including financial reporting and annual returns, acting as a bridge between clients and auditors.

Her work is driven by helping clients reflect on year-on-year performance and ensuring the health of their SMSF and tax position.

Combining tax and SMSF, Ark builds a comprehensive understanding of the client’s position and is fascinated by the power of financial management. 

Ark‘s personal interests are badminton and video blogging.

Shahla Calder

Client Services

Shahla joined the Connolly’s team after the completion of her post graduate studies at Curtin University.

She travelled to Australia from Sri Lanka as a student to pursue her desire to study, break gender stereotypes that prevail in society and work in a professional environment to contribute her part to society.

Shahla worked as a volunteer at university which unlocked her passion in taxes to take off her career in accounting.

She enjoys challenges which enables her to think outside the box to give the client a favourable outcome.

She is currently studying to become a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Her personal interest includes music as she enjoys playing many musical instruments.

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