Young Couples Medical Practice Rise to Success

Medical Practice Accountant

“This case study covers a client’s journey in the medical industry. We’re chosen not to mention their names or business for confidentiality reasons.

They were a young couple with great energy and experience in their field, but not so successful in their accounting and business advice. Their previous accounting advice was poor and led to significant risk exposure to themselves and their business. These risks included unresolved ATO tax matters from their previous business partnership that wasn’t brought to their attention until months after the break up of this partnership.

This client needed the right advice and support to get their business out of the risk zone of previous business mistakes and on a path to ensure their new business was well on its way to being very successful.

Connolly & Associates, was engaged to help out their business accounting and this began with the implementation of monthly meetings to discuss results, setting operational metrics and cash flow planning for attainment of significant personal life goals.

The clients actioned the plan and delivered on their business success with great client service, digital marketing excellence and a strict discipline in management of the business issues that arose. When an issue arrived they developed quick and informed solutions and actioned these solutions.

Since Connolly & Associates have started working with this client we have seen their business grow and their personal goals attained to the point of a necessary succession plan. This plan involved family / life balance and total financial freedom.

We are proud to of been a part of their financial and business success in the past and for years to come.”

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