Mandatory Reporting & Lodgements (ATO, ASIC, State & Banking)

The regulation of business is at unprecedented levels as are the penalties for non-compliance -ATO ASIC etc …read more

There are many Accountants who can assist you to comply with your mandatory lodgement requirements. These services are now even available from overseas teams!

Don’t make the mistake of evaluation of your compliance needs via the cost of production.

Whilst compliance services are now almost fully automated, they still need a creative driver who knows the rules and how your affairs can be managed within those boundaries. It is not only creative design of your needs today but there must be a vision of the future.

Connolly’s are a local firm with those creative drivers who have been in practice and advising complex tax matters for over 40 years.

The real benefit of retaining a firm like Connolly’s as tax agents is not only the optimal compliance outcomes but in structuring major transactions with their attendance at and with an intimate knowledge of our client’s needs, desires and requirements.

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