Making Money

Making money is an obligation to your family, staff, suppliers and the community.

It’s your obligation to make a profit from your business endeavours. The obligation exists to your stakeholders in your family, your staff, your suppliers and your community. When businesses fail there is a major cost in each of these stakeholders and whilst the cost is driven by financial reasons, the really nasty costs are cultural and mental illness.

‘Making money’ is dictated by an understanding of income and expenses and the derived profit. Insightful management of your resources determines the gap between Income and Expense and the myriad of decisions and choices surrounding these matters now demand more than a business leader can deliver.

Connolly & Assoc role is to be your treasury partner and assist you to deal with these choices in a focused and prioritised manner.

For a start, checkout these handy tools and give us a call when you need a professional review and want to engage at a higher level to guarantee your success.

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