Lost opportunity for child care subsidies and family tax benefits

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New Child Care subsidies have been introduced and they are available for a surprising number of Aussie families who may not be aware of their rights to claim.

If you’re paying Child care costs you are most likely to be able to make a claim.

The rebate depends on the number of children you have, as well as your family taxable income, with the maximum subsidy being 85% of all child care costs incurred (capped at an hourly rate limit).

Of course, the quality of the Child Care is the most important criteria in consideration of your child care facility for your children.

Additionally, we’ve discovered a number of clients have not accessed their rightful access to Family Tax Benefits (Part A and B)

These ancillary benefits are administered by the Department of Human Services and are available to both singles and members of couples with at least one child who meet the income tests.
These thresholds change depending on the number of children you care for, as well as their age.

Claims can be made online via either your MyGov or Centrelink Online Account.

Here are the references to the various tables for you to consider your eligibility:

FTB Part A

FTB Part B

Child Care Subsidy

If you require any assistance in determining your eligibility or simply require more information, please contact our accounting team at Connolly & Associates on 08 9266 0000 or admin@connollysbs.com.au

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