Cash Flow Management

What is your profit and how much do you need to survive.

Let’s discuss your Working capital requirements for Trading Income, Gross Profit, Overheads and Tax.

Then plan how you will fund your capital structure involving your loan repayments, acquisition of new assets and funding of your reward for your investment of time and funding.

For a start checkout these handy DIY templates and give us a call when you need a professional review and want to engage at a higher level to guarantee your success.


Once you have made a profit there are only 4 areas it can be appropriated to / for!

  1. TAX (25% -47% up to 12 month safter you have the cash)
  2. NEW ASSETS Business assets to maintain efficiency or Life style Assets
  3. LOANS REPAYMENTS -This is how you pay for those assets before you can save up the cash. Are you geared correctly
  4. TAKE HOME – The very purpose of being in business

It is the last priority but the most important area.

The determination of amount and timing of each of the above is the very essence of strategic planning.

Check out these handy tools relating to cash flow management:

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