Business Growth Planning

Our goal is to deliver sustainable business growth by building strong partnerships with our clients and developing confidence, certainty and clarity in business to deliver superior ROI and life balance.

A unique path to business growth.

When it comes to growing a successful business every company is unique. The Connolly and Associates development process is designed to set our clients on their unique path to growth in a way that is action focused and affordable.

Outcome focused strategy.

Action not just words.

We know most clients are too busy to spend hours and hours talking about strategy and never getting anything actually done. That’s why Connolly and Assoc has developed a highly efficient structured (but flexible) process for getting the facts straight and executing actions as soon as possible.

Strategy you can afford.

Working together to develop.

We know that clients need action plans they can afford to execute and don’t sit on the shelf gathering dust – until better days come along. That’s why Connolly and Assoc works very closely with experienced professionals in specialist fields such as digital marketing, branding and human resources who work with our clients to develop action plans that can be achieved within their resources.

Easily measured performance.

Be confident in your ROI.

Finally we know that clients want to know the return on investment they will achieve for the time and money they are putting into the development and execution of strategy that will set their business on the path to growth. That’s why we ensure all strategy is based around clear and easily measured performance targets.

Working together to meet today’s challenges.

The Connolly and Associates ‘Paths to Growth’ process involves working closely with owners and management teams to provide actionable plans relating to the pillars of business such as productivity, human resources, financial management, marketing and sales. This process also ensures that strategy addresses the very real challenges faced by business today, such as combating disruptive competitors, optimising digital media channels and competing in global markets.

What next?

In order to set you on the correct ‘Path to Growth’ Connolly and Associates needs to get a deeper understanding of the challenges your business faces. To achieve this deeper knowledge, Connolly and Associates offer a FREE 1 hour business assessment consultation. The assessment helps us understand your company’s capacity for growth, and allows us to prepare a fully costed (no obligation) proposal that describes how we can help your business.

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