Business Accounting Services

Every accounting firm offers business accounting services, but non like ours.

Business accounting (and Bookkeeping) has been oversimplified and generally that’s ok if the result allows for timely and accurate information to business owners.

Connolly & Associates Charter Accountants makes sure the foundation reporting system delivers accurate and on-time information and then precipitates good decision making.

This involves manipulation of the reports to ensure the moving strategic planned actions are measured and attention of their success (or need for correction) is focused.

We achieve this via attending and chairing regular meetings and actively participating in the decisions through robust challenging of the moving criteria driving the various business matters.

Business has never been simple and whilst the KISS principle is laudable, the current economic environment is “tuff” and there is no escaping the need for high level intellect interrogation of the following evolving general business issues:



– Asset ownership

– Asset Funding

– Business Ownership structure for Entry, Exit, Variation and Negotiation

– Staff Management

– Marketing

– Risk Management

– Software Solutions

– Financing

– Estate Planning

– Succession Planning

These matters evolve and some only require thought at certain times in the business cycle (ie Succession planning late in the cycle) but others are prominent and moving on a monthly basis. (ie Staff management)

No business owner can deal with all of them all of the time and so Connolly & Associates Charter Accountants provide the framework to focus and prioritise the management teams limited time to manage its resources. A range of services to help you grow your wealth and establish a great work/life balance.

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