Building a Profit Plan / Strategy for your business


How to build a profit plan for your business.

The video tells us…

How to decide on the right cause of action to increase business profits?
It’s about small incremental improvements over your whole business

Start by looking at the 4 key profit areas
1. Sale leads = More opportunity
2. Sale Conversions = what can you offer to get someone who said no to say yes?
3. Cost reduce = where can you safely trim costs without effecting quality and service levels
4. Overall Efficiency = Ways to complete tasks more easily, or in a smarter way, or faster or less waste, more productive

Develop a business profit plan to manage the above


Build a profit improvement plan to grow your business without exposing it to unnecessary risk.

A profit improvement plan segments key influences on your profits into smaller, more manageable areas in which you can make small, incremental improvements that add up to deliver a big result.

You don’t need to make wholesale changes to your business or rewrite the rule book to improve your situation. Simply making a 5–10% improvement to your conversion rates can produce a surprisingly significant result in itself.

Use this tool to build your own profit improvement plan. It’ll help you compile a range of actions and solutions you can tailor for your business, in a document you can download at the end for future use.


Use the Profits increase calculator to work out monthly business overheads

Download the Profit Increase Calculator here. 

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