Your BOOKS are now Data Files but still their accuracy is the necessary foundation of critical business decisions…read more


It is the aggregation of all your previous business transactions formulated into a reporting layout to:

– Understand the bank account.

– Score your performance

– Report to mandatory authorities

– Make better future decisions.

Accordingly, every aspect of your business performance is developed from your bookkeeping system.

The more efficient your BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM, the more successful will be the above outcomes.

Being absolutely critical to every business, there are many great systems which have been established to meet a variety of different businesses and industries.

Connolly & Assoc are focused on adding value in the bookkeeping process by working collaboratively to implement best practice processes for:


– online accounting programs,

– payroll,

– stock and payable management systems,

– Cost measurement,

– Management of each aspect of the business cycle,

– Taxation reporting.

Great bookkeeping services enrich the reporting, planning and strategic development of businesses.

Connolly & Assoc can attend to its delivery at any level:


– Liaison with Owner/bookkeepers

– Liaison with external bookkeepers

– Undertake parts of or all of the “books”.


We undertake these services via all types of software at which we have become local heroes:


– Xero



– Quick Books

– Triumph

– Co-ordination of specialist software.


Bookkeeping is one area where the KISS principle prevails eminently, so long as the custodian is fully informed and at Connolly & Assoc we ensure this is the case at all times.

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