Being a new asset and intangible, the taxation of gains made on cryptocurrency’s have tested traditional taxation theory.

ATO Focusing on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Tax ATO

This was the headline of an ATO media release earlier last month, in an area with a large amount of taxpayer confusion. “The ATO estimates that there are over 600,000 Australian taxpayers who have invested in cryptocurrency in recent years, hence it is an area of CONSIDERABLE ATO focus this tax season.” Many taxpayers believe […]

Success isn’t just about the $$$

Personal success - The Happiness Trap

The last book Connolly’s advocated too everyone was “THE BARE FOOT INVESTOR”. Everyone’s read that and are now on their way to fortune building…… or at least more disciplined financial planning. THE HAPPINESS TRAP is about the way we think about everything. It challenges traditional value setting (not unlike Robert Kiyosaki on learning) and creates […]

Federal Tax Budget benefits for Small to Medium Businesses

Australian Tax Budghet 2021

Forget the rhetoric about the Federal Tax Budget being an election budget, let’s talk about what is in it for your business and family. THE ECONOMY. The landscape for your business should be positive. The economy is expanding with forecasted growth. 4.25% is much higher than normal Unemployment is predicted to fall to very low […]

Business changes to be aware of now!

Cargo Ship Hold up affecting business

Surprises in Business are rarely beneficial. It’s usually a case of business owners having to consider an appropriate reaction without which results in a diminished financial position. Just to demonstrate the complexity of business and the need for constant review which can only be achieved by disciplined working “On the business” and optimally with professional […]

Fringe Benefits Tax – Do I provide employee benefits?

Work drinks as tax deducation

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) – where do we start? Yep – it’s approaching that time of year where an annual review of your business’s benefits is undertaken. A return is lodged or most commonly “we don’t provide any benefits to our employees” is the main point of action. As we harp on every year…..EVERY BUSINESS […]

Income Tax Changes for 2021

income tax 2021 changes

There are significant income tax rate changes for the coming year (2021) aim to support businesses through these tough times. The major changes as follows provide significant planning opportunities for Perth Businesses: