Advanced Taxation Management

Planning what Entity to use and how to get profits out in our complex tax system.

Tax is the major expense in most SME businesses and as it is a reflection of the amount of taxable Income a business produces, – the more tax paid the more the Net Income.

Unfortunately, Australia has a very complex tax system. Connolly & Assoc have lived through 5 or 6 “simplifications” of the tax legislation and can attest to the fact that the current legislation is much more complex than previous, and the trend continues. Whilst this sounds critical and to some extent it is, the legislation is simply a reflection of the modern business world and the complexities it presents.

Not only are the laws complex, but the tax cases going to court and providing guidance as to the interpretation of the law can provide a completely different outcome than originally thought.

The key to tax management is planning and structuring. Planning major transactions and structuring the business entities to manage the tax cost and delivery of business profits to its owners.

Tony and Nada (Connolly & Assoc Directors) have a combined experience in providing taxation advice to clients as tax agents for over  82 years.

Getting your tax choices right and meeting your mandatory obligations in a timely manner is of paramount importance.

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