My daughter calls me and says “Find me a business Dad,  I am sick of working 9-5  for…..”

Who doesn’t want 2023 to be better than 2022?

My daughter calls me and says “Find me a business Dad,  I am sick of working 9-5  for…..”

She had decided she needed to change things if she was going to achieve her goals.

Now we have all leaned, if you are going to achieve goals there are 3 basic steps:


  1. DEFINE the goal,
  2. set a STRATEGY to achieve it, and
  3. take ACTION.


This is the antonym of the definition of stupidity, again which we have all heard, doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.  Yet we do that, unless we make changes, 2023 will not be better than 2022!

It seems we undertake step 1above easily. – Define our goals. Make no mistake we can define better goals but at least definition is a start.

Better goals achieve higher outcomes and the digital world shows us daily instances where massive previously thought impossible goals are achieved all the time. But know that choosing the right (better) goals determines the speed of progress. Eg In business we are faced with numerous possibilities. – Is it Sales or Profit or Client satisfaction, of staff skills or what measurement?

However, the real work and difference between the above stupidity (doing the same thing) and success comes from developing the right strategy. Note there is never only 1 right strategy. This is the beauty/difficulty/challenge of the dynamics of business.  But, as it turns out, the ACTIONS TAKEN either deliver the required results or they don’t depending on if the strategy is right.

The matters affecting the determination of the right strategy are:


  • Identifying Internal strengths and enhancing and exploiting them.
    • Your team
    • Clients
    • Suppliers
    • Finances
    • Systems
    • Technology
    • Leadership
  • Awareness of External Factors
    • Industry trends
    • The Economic landscape
    • Regulations
    • Social order (Community attitudes)


It is obvious you cannot concentrate on all these matters. You must determine the priority and focus on development of the optimal position with that matter.

Note the External factors change slowly, and it is difficult for you manipulate them. Accordingly, it is an awareness of them that impacts on your focus of management of your internal opportunities.

In order to make 2023 much better than 2022, define your targets, review your past wins and successes (what worked), identify your challenges and determine your 90 action plan.

This is not simple and the more intellectual help you can obtain the more likely the ACTIONS will move you along the path to your goals. Make you goals BOLD and take ACTION.

Back to my daughter- We commenced a discussion on what business she could undertake, how business works and determined she needs some significance financial assistance in order to afford what she wants, and so we re-set the time frame for her to stop working 9-5!

For assistance that we hope is intellectual and guidance on some special tools that we know will help, call us or click here to download our 2023 Planning Template.

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